The Power of The Primal Rx

Oct 07, 2022

What exactly is the Primal Rx?

Well, the Primal Rx stands for Primal Prescriptions, and the Primal Prescription is a philosophy for life. It's a philosophy for how we want to maintain our connection with our primal human nature.

Because each one of us as humans has roots in nature. We're all from nature. We have this symbiotic relationship where our bodies are made of nature.

Nature fuels us, and the energy that powers nature also powers us. So we have this intermingling, this inseparable bond between humans and nature.

I've seen firsthand in my travels and with the clients that I work with, that as people lose their connection with nature, they seem to experience more disease, depression, distress, and mental illness.

In contrast, the people that are more connected with nature tend to be happier, they tend to be fitter and look better.

So there's this balance between being connected with nature and being disconnected from nature, and unfortunately, with the advancements of technology, we're moving in this direction.

Humanity is moving in the direction of further disconnection from nature.

Humans are becoming more domesticated. We tend to spend more of our time inside with artificial lighting, and artificial air with processed foods. The further we move away from our connection with the natural elements, the more we're seeing disease, distress, and depression on the rise. 

To fight this downward spiral, we want to become more connected with the natural elements. This is how where we can become a healthier human species. 

It can't be disputed.

If you want to live a healthy and happy life, you MUST stay connected with nature. 

You can't be disconnected from your natural roots and think that you're gonna thrive. Definitely not.

Consider what happens when you take a lion from its natural habitat to put him in a zoo.

If that zoo isn't designed with a specific habitat for that animal, then that animal is going to suffer. That animal gets sick and ultimately dies. 

And if you're not careful, the same could happen to you.

You want to have your home, and your workspace designed in a way where it incorporates the natural elements into your home and work environments, just like animals need a healthy habitat.

Just like an animal in a zoo habitat, you also need your healthy, healthy human habitat.

That's what the Primal Rx is all about.  People becoming more connected with their primal human nature.

In a way, it's a sort of antidote for a lot of these ailments of modern domesticated living.

You want to find a way to balance this relationship between technology and your natural roots. Because modern-day living requires both - if you want to experience life at the highest level. 

You can't be completely disconnected from nature and also live a healthy, happy life. It's won't work. You must find ways that we can incorporate nature, the natural elements, into your day-to-day lives. Because It's only going to get worse as we move forward with technology, virtual reality, and the Metaverse.

If you are really tuned into this technology you will feel the repercussions.

The problem is that you may not make the connection, that their further disconnection from nature is resulting in you feeling worse and worse about yourself. It takes a level of awareness to recognize when you are not feeling well and why you are feeling that way.

It's important to recognize this connection with nature. You need to maintain this connection with primal human nature, your true human nature. I promise you will feel well spending more time in nature. 

You will feel better. Simply go outside. Go for a walk. Get some sunshine on your skin. Move your body outside. Breathe the fresh air.

Drink some water along the way, and you're gonna have a great day.

That's what the Primal RX is. It's a philosophy for life for maintaining your connection with nature and embodying those elements into who you are to get sufficient dosages of the elements; earth, fire, air, water, to be able to maintain a connection with these 4 elements. 

So breathe fresh air, get some sunlight, get your feet in the grass, and drink some water. 

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