Breathing Into Your Balls For Semen Retention

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How to breathe into your balls for better semen retention. We've talked about what Semen retention is, which is when a man retains his semen and avoids any dispersion or expulsion of semen, what are some ways that you can better retain your semen? 

it's not always easy as you may think.

Find that as you go further down this journey and maybe you have a streak of retention, you may find it harder and harder to maintain and retain that semen.

A powerful tool that you can use to better retain your semen is your breathing.

When you can use your breath to control your energy and to be able to modulate your energy, then you can take control of not only your breath and your energy but also your retention.


what exactly does this mean to breathe into your balls? So, there's a big problem that many men have where we tend to breathe poorly.

We tend to take shallow breaths in our chest which affects our neck, in our throat, and in our shoulders. This causes tightness in our diaphragm.

Cause when we breathe in, we want to inhale in through the nose and breathe all the way down into the belly.

what this does is it brings the diaphragm down and it pushes all of your organs down into your pelvic floor. when you're breathing in, you're breathing deep into your belly. It's pushing your organs down into your pelvic floor, which is the bottom of your pelvis.

This is where your testicles hang down from your pelvis, and therefore when you breathe deep, it's. Moving that tissue, that pelvic floor, that pelvic sling, that support at the bottom of your pelvis, that holds your testicles.

When you can breathe deeply down into the belly, the diaphragm comes down and pushes your organs down into the pelvic floor, and in a way, it massages your balls.

It massages your testicles because of that movement of up and down as you breathe in.

As you breathe out that movement moves all of our organs in the pelvic floor inside of our body. And because your balls are attached to your pelvic floor, this also moves your balls.

When you can breathe in this way it will allow you to control your energy.

This way of breathing can help keep you in a calm state instead of an anxious state.

Many men that I work with, begin with just breathing properly and understanding how to take a deep breath the right way. We teach breathing with the diaphragm and not just chest breathing.

When we breathe in deeply, the diaphragm goes all the way down into the belly.

This is what gives the appearance of the big Buddha. That diaphragm goes down and pushes your organs forward and outward.

When you exhale, the organs come back and the diaphragm goes up, and if we're not doing that deep diaphragm breathing, that gives the big Buddha belly, then the breath has no choice but to go up through the chest and the upper back, the throat, and the neck.

This causes us to feel more stress. It causes us to be in a state of fight or flight.

When we would be in a state of fight or flight, our breathing tends to come up here. When you're in a state of relaxation, going to be breathing deeper into your belly.

How to Breathe properly for better semen retention

So, step number one is to learn to teach yourself how to do a deep belly breath.

Step number two is to understand how to use this deep belly breath to breathe into your balls and control your energy.

it can be very difficult, very challenging to maintain retention while being with a woman.

A great strategy that you can use is to take control of your breath, control your breathing, and breathe slowly. Breathe deeply. Breathe in a way where you can relax your energy so that if you find yourself increasing tension, increasing energy, and you feel that's building up, you can breathe deep, slow your breath down, and be able to modulate your energy, bring your energy back down.

Bring your energy down into your belly, into your balls, and bring yourself back into a baseline of relaxation.

This is a way that you can breathe into your balls to be better at semen retention. So, begin by just learning how to take a deep belly breath. A good strategy is to put one hand on your chest, and one hand over your belly button.

When you take a deep breath in, you want the hand on the top to stay still, and you want the hand on your belly button to go up and down.

Once you've taught yourself how to do a deep belly breath, you can use this breathing to control your energy. Bring your energy back down. When you feel that energy building up and up and that tension increasing, slow your breathing down.

Bring your energy back down into your belly. Breathe into your balls, and this is going to give you the power to better. Control your energy. This is going to give you an advantage and give you a tool that you can use to level up your semen retention.

So, guys, breathe into your balls. Control your energy.

When you find that energy building up, slow down your breathing and you will find you can take control of your energy.

Breathing into your belly and breathing into your balls will help you take control of yourself, and this is going to give you a huge advantage, a huge edge when it comes to controlling your energy on semen retention.

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