How To Build An Aesthetic Body

Oct 12, 2022

The MAP Program - "Men's Aesthetic Program"

In the MAP, you get everything you need to build your aesthetic body and radically transform the way the world sees you.

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In this article, we unpack the five core concepts of the MAP so you can start taking action to get your aesthetic body today. 

Let's dive in...


The first core concept is choosing a training plan that ACTUALLY gets results. Because if you aren't getting results, then what is the point... Let's be sure you are set up for success.

You want a training plan that:

  • Targets the right muscles specifically for aesthetics
  • Includes the right number of sets, repetitions, and training intensity
  • Contains optimal training frequency and volume programming
  • Actually gets your muscles to grow in the right way

Most online training programs out there are these cookie-cutter programs that are designed for the average overweight population. These programs typically include a lot of cardio and result in muscle loss at best.

You may see the number on the scale go down, but will you actually look aesthetically pleasing afterward? Probably not... unless you think "skinny fat" is attractive.

Instead, you want to optimize muscle growth in the right areas with the right proportions to give you that V-taper look. That highly sought-after triangular appearance of wide shoulders and narrow waistline gives you that aesthetic look that makes women melt.

To get the AESTHETIC look you want a training plan specifically designed for that result of aesthetic appeal.

This is exactly how the MAP is designed.

Specifically for giving you the masculine aesthetic look that women crave and men respect. 



Even with the perfect training plan, your mindset can make or break your results.

  • There will be times of challenge.
  • There will be times of discomfort.
  • There will be obstacles that pop up in the way.
  • There will be times when you don't feel like doing what you know you need to do.

To get the results you MUST keep the right mindset.  You must stay focused, disciplined, and consistent.

When faced with an obstacle, adversity, or an unforeseen challenge will you cave in?

Or will you rise to the challenge, overcome the obstacle, and use the opportunity to grow beyond what you thought was possible?

This is where your mindset will make or break your success. 

Your mind can be your greatest cheerleader or your greatest enemy. 

The MAP gives you the right mental framework, Jedi mind techniques, and tangible tools to become the master of your own mind.



The foods that you put into your mouth LITERALLY become your body tissues.

So if you are eating poor quality foods, you will have a poorly built physique. If you are missing the nutrients needed to build muscle then it will be physically impossible for you to build muscle.

To look fit, be strong, and train your aesthetic body you need high-quality nutrition to feed your muscles. Even more, many men have hormone imbalances as a result of horrible nutrition.

Late-night eating and lacking nutrition are a recipe for dysfunctional body chemistry. Eating late at night completely throws off your hormones, which is then going to cause you to feel mentally foggy, and fatigued, and ultimately sabotage the results that you seek. 

Many people have the problem now of eating based on their emotions and how they feel. This is a massive problem that plagues most of society. Because they can't control their emotions and they allow their emotions to then dictate how they eat. Emotional eating is an addiction and reflects a lack of emotional self-control. 

Sadly, people are using food as a pain killer, as an emotional crutch to mask feeling empty inside their souls. In the MAP you learn how to overcome any emotional eating tendencies you may have. 

So having the right nutrition plan is key to providing yourself with the right ingredients to actually build your aesthetic body.

If you want to perform at a high level and also optimize your hormones then you need to have your nutrition and supplementation on point. 



Many of you have seen the videos on my YouTube channel talking about testosterone and how we are at a critical point where men's testosterone levels are at an all-time low.

This is a big problem because men are becoming softer, weaker, and overly emotional.

When testosterone is low, not only does mental and physical disease increase, but we also see emotional problems. We also see a loss of purpose and a lack of drive toward accomplishing goals.

It's important that you understand how to optimize your testosterone. We talk about this at length in the MAP.

You get the step-by-step actions to take on optimizing your testosterone from using the right nutrition, physical activity, temperature, heat and cold, through sunlight, supplementation, sleep, and other testosterone optimization strategies. 

Many of these components all come together to optimize your testosterone.

Consider the effects of poor sleep, if you sleep less than 7-8 hours each night your testosterone levels will suffer.

This is a big problem for so many men at erectile dysfunction is a huge problem. We see people, men using medications such as Viagra, see Cialis more than ever. Problem is, medication fails to treat the root of the problem.

There are so many problems that are tied back to testosterone, and in the MAP program, Testosterone Optimization Module, you will get the specific strategies to optimize your own testosterone.



 Your roots as a human being are directly from nature.

Your body is entangled in a symbiotic relationship with the natural elements. This includes the elements of; earth, water, air, and fire. Sustaining sufficient dosages of these elements is CRITICAL to maintaining the well-being of your human being.

If you disconnect from your human nature and you become a more domesticated, caged-up softer breed of humans. This results in physical weakness, mental illness, emotional distress, and higher rates of disease.

 You want to be sure to connect with your primal human nature within yourself. To truly build an aesthetic body, and strong mind, and be confident, you MUST maintain that connection with your humanity.

Because as a man, you are not just a man, but you are a hu-MAN.

So maintaining that connection with your humanity, and your true primal human nature is critically important to optimize yourself and to become the best version of yourself.


In Conclusion...

In the MAP program, there are modules for each one of these core concepts.

It's a video microlearning course along with exercises, and assignments. You're also getting several bonuses for free.

You also get a handful of aesthetic training plans tailored to your goals and schedule. This gives you multiple programs that are designed specifically for the muscle groups for aesthetics.

You get video demonstrations of the most important exercises for aesthetics and how to execute these exercises. I also discuss sets, reps schemes, tracking intensity, and much more. 

You also get the mental framework, mindset tools, and techniques to brainwash your own mind to be your best friend, your #1 cheerleader, rather than turning into your greatest enemy.

You also get the testosterone optimization protocols using the most current research to drive a testosterone optimization program that gets you results naturally.

Through the course of the MAP, you will build your aesthetic body, but you will also build confidence.

  • You will build self-trust and certainty within yourself.
  • You will unleash your primal masculinity.
  • You will become a stronger human, not just physically, but also mentally, and emotionally.
  • You also get plugged into the MAP Tribe of men who are committed to becoming the best versions of themselves, to building their aesthetic bodies. 
  • In the community, you get support, get your questions answered, and get access to a brotherhood of men (which has been lost in the modern-day).

I'm really excited to share this with more of you and to plug you into this because I know the path of building an aesthetic body. I've seen so many men that have failed, and so many of those men that have failed actually end up becoming my clients, and I hear again and again that they've done this program.

It worked for a little bit, but they fell off, and then they were back to where they were when they started. Unfortunately, the more this happens, the more they lose self-belief, the more they lose confidence, and the more they feel defeated. 

Stop this negative cycle. Join the MAP and get started on your journey to building your aesthetic body and transforming your life today.

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