Do You Have a Vitamin N Deficiency?

Are you malnourished of the Nature Elements?

In the same way a poor diet can result in vitamin deficiency, you can also develop deficiency nature exposure.

Think of nature in the same way you think of your vitamins and nutrients.

Let’s call Nature — Vitamin N ☀️

If you lack sufficient doses of Vitamin N, you’ll fall prey to depression, distress, and disease. I see it everyday.

Modern humans have fallen prey to the effects over-domestication of the 21st century.

Some if it is our fault, but not all of it is.

We’ve generally adopted the easier lifestyles of less effort:
• stay indoors entertained by media
• eat cheap processed food
• avoid exercise and physical activity
• use fake lights late a night

All of these (and more!) are making us feel good in the short term, while sacrificing our health and happiness in the long term.

The further we fall out of alignment with our true human nature, the more we suffer as a human species.

We’ve become a humans starved of the natural world, and there is really only one solution — reconnect with nature 🌿

If you’re dehydrated of water, drinking water is the only solution.

If you’re deprived of Vitamin N, then bringing more nature into your life is the only solution.

Luckily for you, I am here to help you get sufficient doses of Vitamin N.

Later this month, I’ll be releasing a mini-course to teach you how to optimize your home, your habits, and your mindset with the power of Nature — Vitamin N. This will will totally transform your perspective and your life. But only if you make the shift.

For now, check out my article “11 Reasons Why You Need More Nature” to get the an in depth rundown on why your lack of Vitamin N is destroying your health, happiness, and experience of life.

Check out that blog article here:

Have a great day,


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