The 3 Habits for a Long & Healthy Life is Launching June 20, 2021

We are one month out from the release of my new book titled 3 Habits for a Long & Healthy Life! 

When I started this journey to discovering what a long and healthy life looked like, I realized a few things along the way. Humanity is off course with how we treat our bodies! We only get one life, and we deserve it to ourselves to live it to the fullest.

The 3 Habits for a Long and Healthy Life focus on eating the correct foods, getting out and moving our bodies, and creating proper sleep habits that will fuel our bodies and ensure that we live a sustainable life, which encompasses everything that I believe in, and that Primal.Rx stands for. 

When writing these chapters for you to read, and dive into, I wanted to raise awareness and share that formal mindfulness allows us to tend to ourselves and soothe our systems in a nourishing way, connecting with nature can have an equally therapeutic effect – especially given our busy and digitally loaded lifestyles.

In this book, you’ll learn how to do the following: 

  • Feed yourself with healthy, nutritious foods that help you feel and look healthy 
  • Move well and integrate more physical activity into your daily life 
  • Sleep better, sleep deeper and wake feeling more energized every day 
  • Cultivate a happier, healthier relationship with the natural world 

With the release of the upcoming release of my new book, I want to leave you with these four simple ways to get ready for your healthier lifestyle. 

1. Permission

Give yourself permission to take time out, disconnect from your devices, to spend time in and be with nature. Give yourself permission to eat healthier,  get on the correct sleep pattern that your body needs, and most importantly give yourself permission to have an off day. We are only human after all. 

2. Intention

Set the intention to connect and be present with your body’s needs.  Be the observer or the field researcher of your own environment.

3. Attention

Rest your attention on the sensory experiences of the foods you are eating, and what being in nature is for your soul the smells, sights, sensations. And when the mind wanders, as it will, bring your attention gently back to whatever you have placed your attention on.

4. Attitudes

Bring the qualities of mindfulness such as curiosity, allowing, and non-judgmental awareness to your time–this can enrich your experience with profound and insightful moments.

The reason mindfulness, nature, healthy eating habits, and movement are such complements to each other, is because in mindfulness we rest our attention on sensory experiences such as the breath or sounds, and nature offers so much inspiration for the senses when we are out experiencing it to the fullest. 

Feeling the sunshine on your cheeks on a crisp morning, or taking in the smell of fresh rain on the soil, or sitting down in a meadow and watching the wind blow through tall grass… These are the kind of moments where we can practice coming back to our senses to access the restorative benefits of both mindfulness and nature connection.

Beyond just imagining it, I would encourage you, next time you feel the need for a real break, to leave your phone behind and just disconnect from the distractions that currently surround us on a daily basis. 


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