I’ve spent a good deal of my life outdoors in nature. Most of my childhood years and teenage days were spent playing and working outside on the family golf courses. In the more recent past decade, I’ve spent many days hiking, backpacking, and adventuring the mountains, desert, and forest wilderness exploring the natural world.

I’ve learned, experienced, and observed the positive effects of nature on the human psyche and physiology, firsthand. I discovered that mastering the fundamentals of natural human health plays a vital role in living a happy, healthy, and physically fit life. This realization inspired me to create “Primal Rx” as a platform to provide training, education, and accountability to others to help them transform their lives at the highest level.


Hi, I am Cody. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, NCAA All-American Athlete, author, speaker, educator, and peak performance coach passionate about optimizing human performance. I have over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry working with a wide range of individuals including professional athletes, lawyers, doctors, moms, dads,  industrial workers, business executives, military veterans, high schoolers, and indigenous populations. I have helped thousands of people recover from physical injury, fix their posture, correct muscle imbalance, and get their dream body.

I was once a competitive athlete, powerlifter, and bodybuilder and I understand what it takes to be a competitive athlete at a high level. I’ve overcome painful injuries such as a lumbar disc herniation, rotator cuff injuries, surgeries, and broken bones – so I’ve experienced the pains of life-altering effects of injuries and dysfunction firsthand. Fortunately, me being a PT obsessed with this physiological performance stuff is helpful in healing and fine-tuning my physical function and mental framework.

I currently live in Alaska where I get to enjoy outdoor activities such as; hiking, running, glacier climbs, hunting, fishing, epic mountain adventures, and raising awareness of the essential role nature and physical movement play in human health. I am passionate about supporting 1-1 clients, group coaching, and providing corporate wellness solutions – to create a positive impact worldwide.